Jowar Chikki Crackers (120 grams - Pack of 4)

What happens when you mix sesame seeds, peanuts and homemade sugarcane jaggery (molasses) together? You get one of India's favourite snacks, Chikki. Heart & Soul, takes these three main ingredients and mixes them with sorghum dough to create a sweet cracker with a fine balance between sesame and peanut. With reduced amounts of jaggery used as a natural sweetener, this cracker contains 50% less fat than your typical biscuit/cracker you find in the shop. Vitamin B2 is also in abundance in a cracker that is a top favourite with our customers!

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Ingredients: Jowar Flour, Refined Wheat Flour, Jaggery, Sunflower Oil, Roasted peanut powder, Sesame..